Removing Your Old Asphalt Roofing

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The first step to getting the new roof you want is to contact professional roofers. Katy, TX experts can be reached if you click here, but if you have a little know how, some experience, and want to save some money, you might consider removing your old roof on your own. Remember that this job requires moving around on a sloped surface, high over the ground. It will also involve heavy labor. It is not a job for everyone, but if you are considering going it alone for this part of the process, then consider the following tips.

Leverage Matters Professional roofers will generally use a tool called a shingle scraper when removing old asphalt roofing. This is a shovel-like device with a wide, flat blade. It angles as it moves up into the long handle. The edge is jagged (sometimes the blade is jagged on both ends, depending on the model) and the angle allows the worker to get some leverage to rip up the shingles and the nails that hold them in place. That leverage is most essential. So, if you are going to approach this job without a shingle scraped, then you will want to consider the tools that you have at your disposal that most closely mimic it. Flat garden shovels, though lacking the distinctive edge, can be very effective and, in a pinch one might even consider a pitchfork. Though this latter replacement isn’t perfect and may require that you lift fewer shingles at a time. Nevertheless, it will do the job and fewer shingles means less weight to carry.

Pick Up the Mess Once you have removed the bulk of the shingles, there will likely be a lot of debris to contend with. Never throw the old shingles over the side of the roof to the ground. The asphalt roofing is very heavy – heavy enough to serious harm or even kill a person moving about below. When it comes time to dispose of the removed tiles, it is best to toss them directly into a dumpster. Lift only as many as you can easily manage at a time, ensure that no one is standing near the dumpster, and gently toss them down so they land in the container. Recall, that the shingles that you remove can have a total weight of thirty-five hundred pounds or more, depending on the size of your house and the quality of the shingles.

The other mess to be dealt with is the number of small pieces of shingle that didn’t get completely ripped free of the roof. The back of your hammer will allow you to pry up the nails that hold these chunks in place. Any lifted nails or boards beneath the shingles should be pounded down and re-secured to ensure a solid surface for the new roofing.

Get Rid of the Old Flashing Even if it still looks like it is in good shape, the old flashing should be replaced along with the main roofing material. It can be ripped away and then the tar that held it will have to be scraped up.

If you are not able to do the project, or find that there is a problem along the way that needs an expert opinion, contact a professional Houston roofing crew like the experts who can be reached at

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