Putting on the Glam

Do you still think a trip to the beauty salon is a once a month necessity…a time to get your hair trimmed and maybe splurge on a manicure? Does the phrase “beauty salon” conjure up the old standard neighborhood shop, with a tired league of middle-aged women collapsing in chairs waiting for their standing appointments?

You probably also think that Austin, Texas is still a little cow town on the banks of the Colorado. Well wake up, baby, those days are over. Austin, Texas is quickly taking over the lead in the race for beauty domination in the U.S. It is bringing all the class and glitz of the New York salon to the heart of the Southwest. Anything you can get on Fifth Avenue, you can now enjoy deep in the heart of Texas.

Beauty salons are now the sanctuary of the young, trendy, upwardly mobile professionals—male and female alike! No longer is this a strictly female domain; men, too, have discovered the many benefits of spending a day in the salon. Not only do they have their hair styled, and their nails manicured…they have plunged, head first, into the decadent world of spa treatments—we’re talking a full slate of world-class services that include nationally-acclaimed airbrush tanning techniques, hair removal options that address every possible follicle on your body, and a bevy of facial treatments that have put Austin, Texas on the map as a beauty treatment destination.

So what’s changed? Well, the old standbys are still available, haircuts, colors, perms…but good beauty salons now bring pampering to a magnificent new level. Almost any amenity that brings total relaxation and transformation to mind is available at your doorstep.

If you’re planning a winter vacation to get away from the cold and the crowds, there’s no need to show up looking like Moby Dick. Deeply-tanned skin looks fabulous against an elegant white dress or classic silk shirt, but long hours spent lying in the sun or baking in a tanning booth can have disastrous implications for your skin. Let the salon staff artists provide a meticulous airbrush tan before you board your jet. They’ll provide a perfect balance of natural-looking color and all-over coverage that will have people thinking you’re just returning from the Caribbean or St. Tropez.

If you’re headed to the beach, whether at home or abroad, get your body swimsuit ready by scheduling time for a bikini wax, or other hair removal service. You guys that have been wearing fur coats under your suits all this time will be amazed at how liberating it is to be hair-free; not only will you feel more comfortable, but it will probably mean more favorable attention every time you doff your shirt, too.

But wait, spending time on the beach—even at night—can leave your skin feeling dry and abused. Treating yourself to one of the many facial delights available at your favorite salon will leave you relaxed, invigorated, and ready to face the world. You can even turn back time with one of the more intense treatments like microdermabrasion in Austin TX. Microdermabrasion treatments will help you shed the damage done by the elements you expose your skin to daily (like wind, sun, and dust) and leave you with smoother, tighter, younger-looking skin.

So that’s it…that’s all there is! All that’s left to say is, “Move over New York…Austin, Texas is making its move to become the beauty capitol of the U.S…and just maybe—the world!”

About the Author: Kenneth Brown has written extensively about the beauty & fashion industry and enjoys informing consumers about the many options in this field